Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home Alone

For the past three months or so, I have been home alone. Nancy has been in Alabama helping take care of her dad. Her father passed away a couple of weeks ago after several years of battling cancer. For the last few months he needed continual care, and we decided than Nancy could best honor her dad by being with him.

When you picture me home alone for months, you may have pictured anything from a young Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone to Tom Hanks in Cast Away. In truth, the past few months have revealed some combination of the two characters in me.

One of the obvious revelations that I have experienced is just how much Nancy does for me every day. Life is filled with little things that must be done so that bigger plans can be accomplished. Nancy is a master of the little things.

Just this morning I realized how chaotic our home can be without Nancy. While I was getting ready for a busy day, I inadvertently left the water running in our upstairs bathroom sink after I finished shaving. For the next several minutes I was in the next room getting ready. A couple of times I had this odd feeling that something wasn’t right, and I began thinking to myself, “I think I hear a waterfall.” Suddenly I realized where the waterfall was located. The bathroom was soaked, but most of the water was absorbed by the pile of laundry that I had not washed – I knew that my procrastination would one day pay off.

Reflecting over the last couple of months provides me with some interesting spiritual applications. I often think in terms of doing great things for God, but I am reminded that I can’t do great things for God without taking care of the little things each day. Every day I need to check on the “little” things – my pride, my quiet time, my personal witness, my need for a servant heart…

I will continue another day, but right now I think I hear a spiritual waterfall.


Brian said...

Wait- you did what?!? You posted a blog entry? This MUST be the sign of the end, right? You only post once every 7 years!

Seriously, I'm sorry to hear that your wife's father passed on. And that you've had to be apart from her for all this time. How's she doing with all of this?

Thanks again for posting,

21k said...

I like the element of surprise. I think Christmas morning would be a lot more exciting for kids if they didn’t know what day of the year to expect it. We should randomly change Christmas every year.

Thanks for the sympathy. Nancy is doing well. She will be back in Roanoke next week, and I will be a very happy man!

James said...

How happy will she be when she comes home. Better clean up!

Change Christmas day, this from a guy who has opened all of his presents before Christmas Eve.

Will try to give you a call soon.

Tell Nancy we still think about her and her family. Yes, you too.