Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saving the Day

Curious George has many faults, but we all love him because we know that he truly has a big heart. He always seems to be overwhelmed by the needs that he encounters each day.

I remember watching an episode of Curious George a year or two ago during which he attempted to preserve a water hole for ducks. George discovered a large water puddle after a storm that had become a home to some sociable ducks. He instantly fell in love with the energetic ducks.

As George played with the ducks he realized that the water puddle was dwindling as the sun sucked up the water. The ducks began to leave, and George sprang into action. He immediately located his plastic swimming pool and began filling the pool to keep the ducks. The pool was located at the top of a hill, and his only means of filling the pool was to carry a water bucket to the top of the hill.

George was willing to fill the pool, but he was unable to fill it fast enough to satisfy the ducks. He realized that he needed help – and he got it. Soon there was an assembly line of assorted, unlikely creatures helping George fill his pool and ultimately saving the day.

In ministry I am often overwhelmed by the needs around me. I see the water drying up. I see the ducks leaving. I sense my inability to fill the buckets quickly enough.

I also experience the pure joy of seeing other unlikely creatures join in the task of carrying buckets and saving the day. I am left in awe – not of the unusual creatures, but rather the amazing Creator who calls each of us curious beings to act.

I am continuously amazed at how God tugs at our hearts with universal desires to unite in meeting the irresistible needs that we come across. I am astonished at how much we can accomplish when God draws us together for the sake of the Gospel. I am in awe as God consistently saves the day.

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James said...

Each one of your post is insightful and leaves me wishing they came more frequently.

Then again, they might become ramblings like I post. Not likely knowing you.

Just wanted to let you know that your writings are appreciated. Keep fighting the good fight, or hauling the good water...

Not sure if my kids learn good lessons or not from George. He's always in trouble, hmmmm????