Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What We Want

In the book and subsequent movies titled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca Salt knew how to get what she wanted; Veruca simply demanded it. When Veruca wanted a Golden Ticket she demanded one from her father. Her father stopped production in his factory and had all of his workers unwrap Wonka bars in search of a Golden Ticket. Veruca made it to the Chocolate Factory, but she was later rejected by Willy Wonka because she was a “bad egg.” Perhaps you can sing Veruca’s song “I Want It Now.”

I want the works
I want the whole works
Presents and prizes and sweets and surprises
Of all shapes and sizes
And now
Don't care how
I want it now
Don't care how
I want it now

Veruca is an extreme example of wanting everything in the world, but all of the kids in the book wanted something. The truth is we all want something. Wants can be a wonderful thing. Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” So, what do you want? I will tell you what I want. I want to know what you want. I’m working on a sermon series about what people want, and I would like your feedback. If any of the following categories apply to you or you just have an opinion on the topic, then tell me what you want. I will keep all responses semi-anonymous!

What Youth and Children’s Ministers Want
What Seniors Want
What Women Want
What Music Ministers Want
What Kids Want
What Singles Want
What Visitors Want
What Men Want
What God Wants
What America Wants


James said...


Beyond my list of possession "wants", here is what I struggle with wanting to know and what I want.

As a father:
"Am I being a good one?" Subjective; yes, immeasurable; probably, but I want to know if I love enough, coach enough, correct enough, discipline enough and at the end of the day provide a good example.
"Do/Will my kids love and respect me and say that they had a "good" dad."

As a husband:
"Am I man enough?"
I want to know if I support, protect, honor, respect and love my wife in everything I do.

What I want from her. The same, and honestly, to sometimes feel like I'm the most important thing in the world to her and that what I want takes precedent over what I do for the family. (Hope that makes sense..I guess sometimes I want to know it's ok to be a little selfish???)

I could put in a couple of more, but I need to get back to work. Hope I answered in the context of your categories, and don't worry about the confidentiality part..I just blew that posting this on the WWW.

I'd love to hear the sermon series.

Brian said...

I just want to be where God is, be a part of what God is doing and live a life that is given over to a purpose and a Person greater than me. I'm not interested in being remembered. I drive roads every day that are named for people whom no one remembers. But I want my seconds to count for eternity.

If that's the goal, then I can work backwards to find out how to get there...

Secondly, I want to enjoy every season of life for what it offers- rather than focusing on what it doesn't...