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To improve the working environment of human altitude as their own responsibility!
Veedon always in pursuit of new heights

As one of the earliest brand service providers of high-altitude operation lifting platform and material handling equipment in the industry, we follow the German manufacturing standards to establish high-quality, professional services in the world and have been committed to the promotion of high-end products for a long time, which brings new vision to Chinese enterprises and provides a more scientific and perfect model. In the manufacturing process of products, we strictly implement safety and environmental protection policies to avoid the discharge of pollutants such as sewage and waste oil without proper and safe recycling treatment. Therefore, the energy consumption and pollution discharge of our products are far lower than other brands on the market and lower than the industry standard.
With high-quality and efficient product supply and customer-oriented operation philosophy, Veedon has become a well-known industrial equipment supplier in the industry, and its product applications cover almost every important industrial field. In the future, Veedon people will continue to be committed to leading the development of the industrial field, and conscientiously practice every step of their own to cope with the changing challenges of the industrial field.

以改善人类高空作业环境为己任 !