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Beyond service conpect ,realize social responsibility
With the rapid growth of Veedon enterprise, all the employees pay close attention and actively participate in social public welfare undertakings for decades in order to carry out community public welfare and salvage operations worldwide, and in a professional way of operating methods, transparent operation to practice social public welfare undertakings, has participated in the Indonesian tsunami, Haiti and the WenChuan earthquake, Qinghai yushu earthquake and other major natural disaster relief and set up the fund children in poor mountainous areas. This means that Veedon not only becomes the pioneer of honesty, trustworthiness and environmental protection, but also becomes the model of paying attention to people's livelihood and giving back to the society this also means that as Veedon grows into a qualified corporate citizen, more and more vuitton employees are also growing into qualified social citizens to join the ranks of returning to the society, the city and the country.
Veedon's responsibility to the society is extending. In the future, Veedon will develop healthily and steadily together with China. No matter in our business field or in the aspect of social public life, we will respect each other's ideas, realize the cause we yearn for, deliver more love and value, and give back more beauty to the society.

超越服务理念,  实现社会责任